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9 September 2020 Update: CITES/Defra have issued the following updated message - "the transition period for leaving the EU comes to an end on 31st December 2020. The attached leaflet explains the requirements for moving CITES specimens from UK to EU and vice versa from 1st January 2021" Leaflet 2021

20/Sept/2019 update - the following information leaflet has been sent to us by Defra - CITES Brexit leaflet

See also -updated guidance

The Government department DEFRA (Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is anxious that our members are notified about possible changes to the movement of CITES-listed animals and products in the event of a No-deal Brexit. The most recent communication (7th October 2019) states - If you or your customers are moving CITES-protected species on 1 Nov (or the following days after) you / they must apply for a CITES permit this week. This is to allow enough time to apply for and receive your paperwork ahead of moving your items between the UK and the EU after Brexit. 

Further information is attached -


DEFRA has been looking at the implications of the UK leaving the EU with regards to the trade in endangered species under the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  In the event of a no deal EU exit, there are over 30,000 endangered species and their products that will need permits and must travel through designated ports.  

Guidance which sets out how people who trade in, or travel with, endangered animals or plants, or their products, would be affected if the UK leaves the EU without a deal is available here: 

Trade in CITES goods between the UK and the EU can currently be done through any UK port or airport due to free movement within the EU.  In the event of a No Deal, this will not be the case and we will designate specific ports and airports of entry and exit for the import/export of CITES goods.  This designation means that you may be more restricted in the routes you can use.  As of 19th September 2019, the number of designated ports has been increased to 29 in the event of a No Deal scenario. These now include Dover & Eurotunnel. 

Please see further information on the new list of CITES designated ports here: 29 CITES points of entry and exit (PoE)

Please note that the designation of ports will be reviewed (and amended as necessary) as we gather more data post exit on the actual levels of CITES trade between the UK and the EU.  If you have any queries please send them to this dedicated mailbox: