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URGENT! A number of birds have been stolen from the Christchurch area of Dorset. This Parrot Society member's birdroom was broken into sometime late evening Thursday 10th or the early hours of Friday 11th October, and one African grey parrot was killed in the process. Birds stolen included a pair of African Greys, a pair of Galahs, a pair of Double Yellow-headed Amazons, one Yellow-crowned and one Vinaceous Amazon, a Meyer's parrot, and a Corella. These birds are identifiable, and many require CITES paperwork. A neighbouring farm was also broken into, and a number of ferrets were stolen. Anyone being offered such birds or ferrets is urged to contact us or Dorset Police. See also Lost & Found Parrots

> You may book wristbands and sale tables for our December Help the Bird keepers Show at Stafford County Showground. For details see Help Bird Keepers Show Bookings may be made via the office, or via this website - go to the  Shop. PSUK members can get early entry at 7.30 am, compared to the general public at 9.00. If you are not a member, you can join now Membership  

> We are excited to announce a new Competition, with cash prizes, for bird clubs to decorate display aviaries with their own unique style to show off and display their own birds to their best advantage. For more details go to our Events page - Display Aviary Competition

> This year's National Exhibition at Stafford County Showground on Sunday 6th October appeared to be a successful event. A more detailed report is now available at The National Exhibition 
Meanwhile, we were pleased to welcome Emma and Holly from Defra to talk about their work and that of CITES, and the dreaded Brexit. Further important new information is now available regarding the movement of birds across European borders after 31st October - see Brexit No-Deal

> Also time to think about renewing your PSUK subscription for 2020! Renewal forms will be sent out with our next magazines, or you can do it online at Membership

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