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> A common query we receive is for advice on an avian veterinarian in their area. We publish a list of UK veterinary surgeons willing and able to treat birds on the 'Parrot Information' section. Practices are listed by county, and updated as often as we can, once we receive current information. Go to this link Avian Vets

> All dates for 2020's shows, days out, and other linked events have now been published on this site. For full details head to the relevant Events

> The Australians are still dealing with devastatingly severe ecological fire damage Down Under. Some reports suggest that 20% of the population of Koalas has been wiped out. If parrots haven't been destroyed, there will certainly be a massive shortage of suitable nesting sites next breeding season. Ray Ackroyd has written to The Parrot Society giving two reports on the subject, which we have included as an update to his conservation article  Tree Tinning In Australia and a second one attached to Artificial Nest Boxes in Australia

> The Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis), the only native parrot species in North America, we know has been extinct since the early 20th Century. Recent DNA-research seems to have confirmed that its rapid decline was the result of human interference, and this story has been reported in several places. Perhaps the best illustrated link is this one - Carolina Parakeet Extinction

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