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As if Coronavirus isn't enough to contend with, the H5N2 strain of bird 'flu has been found on a farm in Deal, Kent. All ducks and poultry on the farm have been slaughtered to try to prevent any spread. Update on this story: The UK Government has now declared a Prevention Zone across England, Wales and Scotland, following further outbreaks in Herefordshire and Cheshire. There are now restrictions on movement of birds and increased biosecurity measures. For further details go to - Bird Flu Prevention Zone

> The Parrot Society was involved in assisting the Companion Animal Sector Council (CASC) in revising the proposed documentation by Defra on the conditions required for selling animals, with regard to birds. The following press release was put out by CASC on 17th November - CASC press release

> If you thought some parrots were expensive enough - Black Palm Cockatoos and Hyacinthine Macaws, for example - a Belgian racing pigeon has reached an offer price of nearly £1.2 million pounds, with bids yet to close on 15th November!

> Four new articles have been added, on parrot diseases. One is a discussion of the value or otherwise of bacterial testing of droppings or swabs in diagnosing parrot disease, and was published in our October 2020 magazine - see Bacterial Cultures for Disease Diagnosis. The second is an overview of what can happen to a sick parrot, what to look out for, and what we can do about it - As Sick as a Parrot. The third summarises the different types of disease conditions that can affect parrots - Common Diseases of Parrots. The final one includes diseases particularly related to breeding and reproduction - Diseases of Breeding & Raising Chicks.

> The transition period for the UK leaving the EU comes to an end on 31st December 2020. This means that after that date, any movement of CITES-species across these borders will require new permits. For full details see Brexit No-Deal


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