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The situation with both Avian Influenza (see below) and Covid-19, with its new Omicron variant, is dynamic and developing rapidly. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis, and will post updates that may affect the show here.

The current outbreak of Avian Influenza has not yet had a direct impact on our Help the Birdkeepers Show in December, but it is a dynamic situation, and things may change. There will be a definite ban on the presence of poultry and game birds at the show. This will include: all Galliforme birds (chickens, pheasants, quail, partridge, turkeys and guinea fowl) and Anseriforme birds (ducks, geese, and swans). This ruling came into place on 8th November - PLEASE ABIDE BY IT!

> Avian Influenza cases continue to increase, so if you live in an affected area, you are advised NOT to come to the December show. Currently, several areas are affected, including parts of North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Worcs, Warwicks, Essex and Norfolk. For a detailed current list, please visit the Defra website at See also requirements for our show, posted here - Biosecurity at PSUK shows

Please note that this year's AGM will be held during the 'Help the Birdkeepers Show' at Stafford County Showground on Sunday 5th December at 2 PM, and not 4 pm, as was indicated in the current magazine. Please come to the PS stand at this time, if you wish to participate, still allowing time to pack up for your journey home afterwards.

> As nights are drawing in and the weather gets cooler, we are receiving fewer reports of lost parrots, but they do still occur. Visit our Reunite page if you have spotted a free-flying parrot - Lost & Found Parrots  One of the most recent - an African grey parrot - was taken in a burglary, probably by opportunist thieves.


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