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> Ten years after the discovery of some bones in an extinct lake in New Zealand, these bones have been identified as belonging to a huge parrot, provisionally named Heracles inexpectatus. It stood about three feet tall, and would have weighed about 15 lb, and was probably flightless, like the current heaviest parrot in the world, the Kakapo. For more details, see New Zealand Fossil Parrot

> Our hedgerows & woodlands are beginning to show many fruits that are suitable for feeding to our parrots. Rowan (Mountain Ash) are plentiful, and blackberries are ripening. Take advantage of this free and varied food supply before the gales get them! For more details see Autumn's Harvest

> There are plenty of internet and social media sites out there offering parrots for sale, but most are unregulated, and sadly some sellers are unscrupulous. See  Buyers Beware (Caveat Emptor). May we remind you that African Grey Parrots are now CITES Appendix 1 birds, and as such must have an Article 10 certificate if bought or sold. It is illegal not only to sell such a bird without this paperwork, but also to buy one. For more detail see CITES information

> The Open Day at Beale Park in Berkshire on Sunday 4th August was very well attended by 33 PSUK members, as well as representatives from the Avicultural Society and softbill groups. The occasion was used to dedicate a brass plaque and bench to long-standing Parrot Society member and trustee Vicky Hammond, who sadly died back in February. For a more complete report with photographs see Beale Park

> The warm weather has led to plenty of open doors and windows, with, as usual, a massive increase in reports of escaped and lost parrots! We do what we can to help via our 'Reunite' service - Lost & Found Parrots - but please make sure that you prevent such escapes in the first place by being aware of such openings and loose parrots in the house. Also make sure your parrot is identifiable with a numbered leg ring or microchip, or even a good photograph. Good news about an Amazon parrot stolen from a boat on the River Thames. Widespread social media publicity appears to have made it too hot to handle, and it was returned anonymously to its owner.

> We recently received a report on the successful rearing and release of a number of Blue-throated (Caninde) Macaws (Ara glaucogularis) in Bolivia, from Association Armonia. This project features in this month's magazine, and was part-financed by donations from The Parrot Society's Conservation Fund. Association Armonia Blue-throated Macaws

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