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> The sudden arrival of summer, with some nice warm weather means open doors and windows, and a sudden influx of lost parrots reported, almost on a daily basis! Take extra care at this time, and visit our Reunite page if you have spotted a free-flying parrot - Lost & Found Parrots
The most recent - an African grey parrot - was taken in a burglary, probably by opportunist thieves.

Owing to the vagaries of the postal services, many members in rural districts complain that they do not receive their monthly magazine in a timely fashion, and are therefore at a disadvantage against those who do, when it comes to scanning the adverts for the best choices of birds to buy or exchange. Tiered postal charges or staggered posting dates would be a logistical nightmare, and would inevitably lead to a rise in annual subscriptions, so trustees decided that the best - although not perfect - solution would be to post these adverts in the Members' Only section the day after the monthly magazine is posted out. Unfortunately, those who do not have computers, or who have not subscribed to this Members' Only section will still miss out, but it should solve the problem for many. Let's see how it goes...

> A final year veterinary student from The Royal Veterinary College, London, with an interest in avian species, is holding a survey on parrot owners and their relationship with avian veterinary practices. To help her research, please complete a five-minute survey at -

> Whilst  we appreciate that currently movement of birds between GB and the EU, and GB and Northern Ireland, remain complex, Defra has asked us to publicise the following information from HMRC applicable to trade between NI and GB. Basically, it is for commercial hauliers, so if you plan to move 'Endangered Species' between NI and GB, then this is for you - NI-GB exports

> Parrot keepers are not the only groups affected by increasing legislation and paperwork following Brexit. Fishermen in northern England and Scotland have experienced difficulties in taking shellfish to Europe, while the current situation with French fisherman unable to fish around Jersey if they are not able to prove their past involvement, are both good examples. The French argument of 'historical rights' is not sufficient. Legislation changes, and has to be abided by. The PSUK has received several comments from members and non-members about the complexities of import/export of parrots between the UK and the EU. Further details are given in our updated page Brexit and the movement of parrots

> We are also receiving many enquiries about the status of our shows at Stafford later this year. The summer show in July is now confirmed as cancelled, but we are working on plans for October and December events. Stafford County Showground personnel are still assessing the results of some small shows at their ground, and our next Council meeting on 4th July will result in further information & decisions. Watch this space!

> Jim Collins from the Sustainable User Network (SUN) has secured a very good opportunity to work with a dedicated officer within APHA who is reviewing the need for most animal A10 and CITES Import Permits to be referred to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and, upon referral, seeking to rein in some of the excess and/or non-relevant questions raised by the JNCC to applicants. To make the most of this opportunity, accessing real examples where applications have been met by a barrage of non-relevant or excessive questions from the JNCC will be useful. There are probably several cases amongst our members where obtaining Article 10 certificates for African grey parrots has proved difficult, so examples sent to us would be appreciated (these can be anonymised should people have any concerns in this regard). 

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