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 The end of another year is fast approaching, and our final show of the year on Sunday 2nd December proved very successful, with unseasonably mild weather. For pictures see -

 Help Bird Keepers Show

*** The Parrot Society's replacement for the National Theft Register, following the sad loss of John & Anita Hayward, is now active and live! It has been named 'Reunite', and will be managed in-house by a PSUK trustee. For further details see Lost & Found Parrots

*** Our Chairman attended a meeting at Defra HQ in London on Monday 3rd December, along with 13 representatives from the Hawk Trust, Zoo & Aquaria groups, UK Border Control, APHA, Defra and CITES to discuss preparations for a 'No Deal' Brexit. Others joined the group via conference call. Defra is the Government department that will perhaps be most affected by such a situation, and it is clear that considerable thought and preparation is going into the scenario. Recruitment and training of extra staff at APHA and Defra has already started. The Parrot Society will be involved in the dissemination of up-to-date information and requirements, whatever the Brexit outcome, so watch this space!

> We are gradually over-hauling the Parrot Information section to divide it into sections of interest to aviculturists and breeders on one hand, and novice pet parrot keepers on the other. Keep checking this section for updates, but meanwhile read our latest article on First Aid for birds -  First Aid & Emergency Care for Birds

> Then there is a new article on the dangers of smoking around birds in our husbandry section - No Smoking around Birds!

> Vanessa Kanaan sent us a report on the release of Vinaceous Amazon parrots in Brazil, published in our December magazine - The Vinaceous Amazon Parrot - while Ray Ackroyd has sent in a report from Australia that more than 50% of the nest boxes funded by the Parrot Society's Conservation Fund are already occupied by cockatoos and other parrots - Tree Tinning In Australia,

> Just to show that we are not all old fuddy-duddies, read our resurrected article by the late John Walton, past treasurer of the Parrot Society, under the 'articles' section of 'Parrot Information' - Parakeet fever in Homo Sapiens

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