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There are numerous concerns circulating about the possibility of proof of vaccination required for entry to the National Exhibition at Stafford. This would obviously seriously impact on our entry system, but as yet, no official announcement has been made, except in Scotland. We are monitoring the subject closely, and will keep you updated. Sunday 12th - Government ha son announced 'No vaccine passports' for large venues'. Sigh of relief!

> Monthly adverts in our magazine have been published on our Members Only section today (27/08/21) to allow for those whose post arrives later than average to get an equal opportunity to read them! 

> Preparations for our October and December events continue apace. There should be the usual format on 3rd October's National Exhibition, with Members' tables, trade stands and several specialist bird clubs in the Exhibition section, as well as a variety of species in planted-up display aviaries. Some modifications may be in place owing to the coronavirus situation, but these should not detract from your enjoyment of the event, and we look forward to you all joining us in our first major show for well over a year. Pre-ordering of wristbands is to be encouraged, and these are now available from the Parrot Society office or our website PSUK Shop  Links from shop to Show Information currently not working properly, so use this for now - PSUK Show Information

> A UK veterinary student has requested our help on a survey of vets dealing with parrots, about the major problem in pet birds of feather damaging behaviour. If you can help, please contact Jemima Bland via

> We are still receiving regular reports of lost parrots, during the summer season. Take extra care at this time, and visit our Reunite page if you have spotted a free-flying parrot - Lost & Found Parrots  One of the most recent - an African grey parrot - was taken in a burglary, probably by opportunist thieves.

> Don't forget that we now post the monthly adverts featured in our magazine on the day that most members will receive they posted copy - so that those living rural districts with delayed post don't miss out. You will need to have registered for the Members' Only section, and then go to the 'Monthly Adverts' page.


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