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> All events, days out, and shows for this year have had their dates revised and posted on this website - see Events

> We are now getting noticeably more daylight hours, and in the south-east of the country at least, the last few days have seen some unseasonably warm and sunny weather. This has stimulated wild birds to start territorial, courtship and nesting behaviour, and the same will apply to outdoor aviary birds. But have you thought about indoor birds, kept in darker conditions, with no access to natural light? Their unique perception of ultraviolet wavelengths will be rendered inactive, and they will exist in a world of a limited colour palette compared with their outdoor cousins. For more information see our recent article Ultraviolet Light & Skin Cancer

> Free-living ring-necked parakeets are prevalent in the southern UK - but are they feral or naturalised? Read more in our latest article Ring-necked Parakeets

> The Parrot Society's replacement for the National Theft Register, following the sad loss of John & Anita Hayward, is now active and live! It has been named 'Reunite', and will be managed in-house by PSUK trustee Dave Dickason. For further details see Lost & Found Parrots

> We still have no idea how Brexit will go, but CITES and Defra have made preparations in case of a 'No-deal' scenario. This would involve a significant increase in the formalities involved in moving CITES registered commodities - whether they be plants, mammals, reptiles or birds - between the UK and the EU. Currently used ports of Dover, Holyhead and Eurotunnel will no longer be available for such transfer, but the existing 10 other available ports around the country will be expanded to 25. There is no point in scaremongering until we know which way the Brexit decision will go, but certainly a No-deal will affect such movements. We shall keep you posted as we have further information.


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