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The original website for The Parrot Society was set up in 1999 by Ray McMillan and Ray Danks, long before every Tom, Dick and Harriet had a website of their own. It has served us well for nearly 20 years, but was clearly in need of updating and modernising. These days websites are an essential part of every company's promotion to the wider public, and should be welcoming, eye-catching, and easy to navigate.

After several months of hard work, we think we have come up with just that for you. Some of the original articles have been kept, but much that was out of date or irrelevant has been removed or archived. Many new articles and features have been added, and all are more inviting, with extra photographs.

Grateful thanks are due to Liam Hammett and his colleagues at New Koncepts, and Ray Danks of Services Online Ltd for their design, hosting and technical support, without whom none of this would have been possible. PSUK Secretary Les Rance, Chairman Alan Jones, and Trustees Kevin Pickup and Garry Steptowe have spent many hours editing, cutting, pasting, linking, archiving, and processing photographs. We are also indebted to Richard Johnston of Johnston & Jeff for their financial sponsorship towards the cost of this project.

New articles and features will be added in the coming months, and we welcome your general feedback, as well as news or articles that may be of interest to other parrot keepers.

*STOP PRESS* We have just received the tragic news from Bill Wittkoff of the Lymington Foundation in Brazil that the 50 Licuri Palms that we planted in commemoration of our 50th Anniversary, and to support Lear's Macaws in the area for the future (see Lear's Macaws link) have all died owing to the severe drought in the area lasting almost two years. Kilma Manso reports that the well that was being used to irrigate the young palms had completely dried up. However, she has a developing nursery of young Licuri Palms on her own land, and she has promised to replant another 50 trees as soon as the rainy season begins.

> KENT SALE DAY 2nd September 2018 - See KENT AREA MEETING page for details

> NEW ARTICLE on the natural foods now available to your birds from our hedgerows and trees - Autumn's Harvest

> PSUK will have a stand The Pet Show 2018 at Stafford County Showground 18/19 August - The Pet Show

> Draft animal licensing Act 2018

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