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> If you have not already done so, it is not too late to renew your annual subscription for 2021. We are hopeful that shows  ay be held once again at Stafford towards the end of this year, but this still very much depends on the Covid situation. watch this space!

> Seems the recent fine weather and more daylight ours have led to a couple of reports of lost parrots - a few are trickling in. See Lost & Found Parrots

> It appears that a 'lost parakeet' - the Sinu Parakeet (Pyrrhura subandina) may have been found in Colombian forests after years of conflict in the area. See Lost parakeet species?

> It also seems that a drug very familiar for bird keepers, used in the treatment of external parasites, may now help reduce mortality in human cases of Covid-19! Ivermectin - also used to treat scabies and head lice in humans - has shown some beneficial effects - Use of ivermectin in Covid treatment

> Jim Collins from the Sustainable User Network (SUN) has secured a very good opportunity to work with a dedicated officer within APHA who is reviewing the need for most animal A10 and CITES Import Permits to be referred to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and, upon referral, seeking to rein in some of the excess and/or non-relevant questions raised by the JNCC to applicants. To make the most of this opportunity, accessing real examples where applications have been met by a barrage of non-relevant or excessive questions from the JNCC will be useful. There are probably several cases amongst our members where obtaining Article 10 certificates for African grey parrots has proved difficult, so examples sent to us would be appreciated (these can be anonymised should people have any concerns in this regard). 

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