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> David Waugh, former curator of Loro Parque and regular contributor to our magazine, reports in Cage & Aviary Birds of 22nd May, that a reserve named KAZA in southern Africa to support an endangered population of lions, has also given refuge and boosted numbers of four parrot species - the Meyer's Parrot, the Brown-necked Parrot, and the Nyasa and Black-cheeked Lovebirds. Just goes to show that environmental conservation projects have wider influence than single-species protection.

> Not long to go now until our Summer Show at Stafford County Showground, to be held on Sunday 7th July 2019. Tickets and wrist bands and tables may be purchased from our PSUK Shop 

> Avian veterinarians the world over will agree that the primary cause of disease problems in captive parrots is the result of faulty nutrition. The first of two articles on this important subject is now available on our 'Pet Parrots' page Parrot Nutrition

> The PSUK had a stand at Think Parrots event at Kempton Park on 9th June. It was a busy day, and a great event for pet parrot owners to meet up and buy toys, food and accessories at bargain prices, as well as meeting many experts in various fields of parrot keeping. A couple of photographs from the day have been published on the relevant sub-page Think Parrots

> There is still a trickle of lost birds reported to Dave Dickason of our Reunite feature, as the longer summer(!) days mean more open windows and doors. Keep looking -  Lost & Found Parrots - but Dave reports several successes - Latest Successes. We have also made a couple of alterations to our Avian Vets listing - but if you know of any veterinary surgeons in your area with expertise in treating parrots, that are not currently listed, please let us have their details. Equally, please let us know if listed vets in your area have moved away, and no longer work in the listed practice. Thank you - this is your website, so help us to keep it accurate. The Members Only Section is still a few months away yet. It is dependent on setting up a new database of members and their details, which is ultra-secure and foolproof, and will allow such as things as renewal of subscriptions and change of address details, while permitting secure password access to this section of the website. We have a meeting to discuss progress on this development within the next fortnight. Apologies for it taking so long, but the trustees and IT experts involved in the task are busy people, but we also want to get it right!

> I interesting news about the relocation of Spix's Macaws to their native Brazil. Hopefully it will come off, as the political situation in Brazil at present is very fragile. For more details see - Latest News Plus

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