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Coronavirus pandemic: As we know, the National Exhibition for 3/4 October will not go ahead. Trustees voted unanimously to cancel, taking into account the current situation, the set-up at Stafford Showground, and the risk to any potential visitors. We are actively discussing plans for our 'Help The Birdkeepers' event in December, hopefully to make it a larger than usual show. Look out for updates here, as and when we know more. Currently not looking too hopeful, as gatherings of 30 or more are still banned. Our event at Beale Wildlife Park on August 9th did go ahead, with a good turnout - see Beale Wildlife Park. Hopefully Desford Bird Gardens in September will also proceed, depending on coronavirus news over the next couple of weeks! The local area meeting in Maidstone, Kent has also sadly been cancelled - see Kent Area Meetings

> Interesting article about separation and inter-breeding between closely related species. Although it relates to crows, the same would probably apply to macaws, many of which will hybridise in captivity (because they have little choice), but not normally in the wild environment - Interspecies relationships

> Summer is not yet over, but I notice that already berries are ripening on local Mountain Ash (Rowan) trees, reminding us that we are at the beginning of a bounty of free natural food for our parrots. For more details, see Autumn's Harvest

> The Members Only area of our site is live. Well, sort of - the Parrot Wiki still needs a lot of work and re-organisation. More news on that shortly. 

> Still plenty of activity with pet parrots escaping during the sunny weather - mostly African greys. Almost daily - sometimes twice a day - we are updating the list. Please be careful that your premises are secure while birds are out of their cages, and also ensure that they are identifiable with a leg ring or microchip. Several have been reunited with their owners, though. See the latest list at Lost & Found Parrots

> We regretfully announce the unexpected resignation of our treasurer, Keith Jones, after several years of sterling work in a difficult position. He will be sadly missed, but financial care of the Society will continue until the AGM in November, managed jointly by our secretary, and past-treasurer Garry Steptowe. We need a volunteer before the end of August!


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