UK Government Gift Aid Scheme

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UK Government Gift Aid Scheme

Gift Aid

As a registered charity The Parrot Society UK is able to take advantage of the generous UK Government Tax concessions for all charities through the Gift Aid Scheme, provided that you are either a UK Income Tax Payer or you pay UK Capital Gains Tax.

Donations (including membership subscriptions) you give the Parrot Society UK will be worth 25% more if you are a UK tax payer. That’s 25p extra we will receive for every £1 you donate. The Gift Aid scheme is very flexible and covers your subscriptions and any gifts of money you may make. It will not cost you any extra. We just ask you to let us know if you stop paying UK income tax.

There are no complicated forms to fill in, when you buy or renew your membership you can select to say YES or NO to Gift Aid. We will then be able to claim the tax that you have already paid back from H M Revenue and Customs. So, please do not let this opportunity to help us even more go to waste, if you are a UK tax payer please complete the tick box on the bottom of the membership form.

You can cancel the declaration at any time by notifying the Society in writing.

Questions and Answers about Gift Aid

  • How does the Gift Aid scheme work?
    Answer: If you pay UK income tax or UK capital gains tax, the Parrot Society UK as a registered charity can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your annual subscription or any donation you made in the previous four years.
  • How much UK tax do I need to pay to qualify?
    Answer: You need to pay an amount of UK income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that will be reclaimed by the Parrot Society UK. Currently, this amounts to 25 pence in the pound. So if you give, say £22 Annual Subscription, you need to pay at least £5.50 each year in tax to qualify.
  • If I pay income tax at the higher rate, will this affect my support?
    Answer: Supporting us through Gift Aid will benefit the Parrot Society UK and you. This is because the Parrot Society UK claims back the tax you have paid at the standard rate and you can reclaim the difference between higher rate and standard rate income tax yourself using your income tax return.
  • What if I move house, or cease being a UK Tax payer, do I need to tell you?
    Answer: You need to notify the Parrot Society UK in writing if you change your name or address, or if you cease to be a UK tax payer.
  • What do I need to do to make my Subscription or Donations to the Parrot Society UK Gift Aided?
    Answer: To make your Subscription or any Donations to the Parrot Society UK through Gift Aid, all you need to do is complete the Gift Aid tick box when ordering.
  • Will Gift Aid affect my personal finances?
    Answer: No, it will just allow the Parrot Society UK to put its hand in the Government's treasure chest and legally take something out!