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Douglas MacKenzie
Scotland Coordinator
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Anne Dalton
Scotland Coordinator
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A word from the Organisers

The Scottish Area is a great group of very friendly parrot enthusiasts with whom you can meet and find new friends, who are in the hobby for the enjoyment and their love of parrots.  The area meets every third Monday of the month, when we have an excellent evening’s programme full of a variety of various kinds of talks, films, guests and information on parrots and other birds.  You will find ready advice and help freely available just by asking.

Meetings are held at the Broomhouse Community Centre, Baillieston Road, Broomhouse, Glasgow, G71 7SE. Just behind the Zoo Apartments beside a children’s playing field. They start at 7.30 pm ad run till about 10.00 pm with a refreshment break midway through the evening, there is a cover charge for the hall and usually a raffle to raise funds. We also produce a monthly newsletter.


Meetings are held at the Broomhouse Community Centre, Baillieston Road, Broomhouse, Glasgow, G71 7SE.
Usually on the third Monday of the month, but all meetings in 2021 were currently cancelled owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Visit our Facebook page via the link at the bottom of the page for updated details:

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In 1999 the area provided finance for the purchase of a Grunbach Incubator and Brooder for the Kakapo Recovery Project.

Marana - Young Kakapo Marana - now of breeding age

2002 was the first year when the incubator was put into good use.  The result was Marama (above left), the first success although a second chick was lost.  Today, Marama is of breeding age (above right) and we hope to hear that she will have produced another generation very soon.

2006 - the next successful year with Pounamu being raised, she should also be breeding also very soon.

Pounanu - the second success

2008 - The incubator helped in the raising of six Kakapo chicks to help boost the population (See below - top left)

2009 - The incubators and brooders were working overtime with 26 young Kakapo being successfully raised

2010 - The kakapo Recovery Project asked for help in purchasing another incubator, this was passed onto the Parrot Society UK head office. The Council agreed to fund this project and the money to buy the incubator wass ent very quickly. (Top and Bottom Right)

Hopefully both incubators will help in saving numerous young Kakapo in the future, to help save this wonderful parrot from extinction.

Kakapo chicks raised in 2008 Kakapo breeding center
Kakapo Chick Young Kakapo

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