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Record Keeping
By R.J.McMillan

Why should I keep records?

With the government cracking down on smugglers and all but stopping the importation of birds, you may someday have to prove you purchased the bird legally. (2018 update - importation of parrots into Europe was suspended - apart from special licences issued to breeding collections - in 2005, following a severe outbreak of avian 'flu. This ban has never been rescinded. Add to that the increasing number of species being added to the CITES endangered species list - including the ever-popular African Grey Parrot - meaning that these birds will require an Article 10 certificate to enable them to be sold, purchased or exhibited, all of which will require substantial and accurate documentary backup!) Therefore an essential part of keeping Psittacines is not only good Husbandry but also detailed record keeping on, Purchase, Sale, Loan, Exchange, Breeding, etc. Yet at the same time, many aviculturists would probably feel that it is an unnecessary burden which takes up time. I have been impressed with the more scientific approach which many aviculturists are adopting to-day. This scientific approach will greatly assist with future conservation of the species, and possibly alleviate and stop the final act of extinction.

The following is a selection of forms which you can print and use with this aim in mind. It is recommended that two copies of the form be filled in and signed by each party and a copy kept by each person, when selling or exchanging a bird a copy of the individual bird record & parents' breeding record can also be given.

Persons unable to supply such documentation should be treated with Extreme Caution!

The following forms are in PDF Format
Please go to Adobe to download the latetst PDF Reader

AKJ 2019 - Once again an excellent article by our original webmaster, which still has relevance today - perhaps even more so than when it was first written! The PDF files of sample record sheets will prove very useful.


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