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Amazon Nestbox

3/4"Ply or Blockboard
Entrance hole 4-1/2" in Diameter approx. 2"down from top
Perch cut to 5" long approx. 5" down from bottom of entrance hole
Rear or side inspection door approx. 6-1/2" up from bottom 6-1/2" high. Ideally cut at a 150angle to prevent excessive light or draughts
Internal corners should be fitted with wooden battens for the birds to chew and a mesh ladder provided, to allow ease of entrance and exit

20" 20-3/16" 20" 20" 10"
  Inspection Door      
10" 10" 8-1/2" 8-1/2" 10"
Front Back Left Side Right Side Bottom

Door hinges set 2" in from edge
Door catch 5" long 1" wide Internal
Ladder 12" long 5" wide

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