CITES Article 10 Certificates

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CITES Article 10 Certificates - a step by step how to guide

Since the uplisting of the African grey (Psittacus erithacus) to Appendix I, we have been contacted by a multitude of members trying desperately to meet the requirements of DEFRA and register their parrots. Unfortunately this initially proved to be a tricky process, so in order to help, we put together what might be classed as an idiots guide to registration. As the years have passed, DEFRA has had other things to consider, and owners of AGPs and Timneh greys have either now registered their birds, or have perhaps forgotten about it, or even decided not to bother.

However, not is still a legal requirement, so we have now (March 2023) updated our original guidance, and this may be found here -

Article 10 Certificate - 2023 update

The sample application form is here - 

Application form



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