Grey Breasted Conure

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GREY BREASTED CONURE - Pyrrhura Grisiepectus

Last Update: June 2018

The Aquasis organisation has successfully established several breeding pairs of these birds in protected areas in this part of north-eastern Brazil. Other species like snakes and bees also like to use these boxes, so they require regular monitoring to check their contents, and during the breeding season eggs and chicks are countered, and chicks are rung (banded) for identification. Many parts of this conservation area are remote and difficult to reach with four-wheeled vehicles, so The Parrot Society UK provided money from its Conservation Fund to purchase a motorbike that would make the rangers' work easier. This has proved very successful, and bears the Parrot Society logo -


Parrot Society sponsored motorbike with logo

In 2016, a group of PS members and officials travelled to Brazil to see this work at first hand, and were happy to present a cheque for £2,500 to further assist this valuable project -

cheque presentation

We also had the opportunity to photograph these little birds living free in their natural habitat -

grey-breasted parakeets

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