Rare & Normal Parakeet Special Interest Group

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PSUK Rare & Normal Parakeet Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Parrot Society UK’s Rare & Normal Parakeet Special Interest Group was established in October 2020 and is co-ordinated by PSUK Council member Adam Mogg. The SIG is focussed upon those Parakeet species which originate from the Old World (Africa, Asia, Australia & Australasia), and provides a mechanism for those interested in breeding or currently maintaining these birds to ‘Communicate, Co-operate & Conserve’, in addition to forming a forum for wider knowledge-sharing and debate. The Genus which this SIG looks at are, from Asia (Psittacula), Australia (Neophema, Psephotus, Northiella, Platycercus, Purpureicephalus, Barnardius, Polytelis, Aprosmictus, Alisterus & Lathamus), Australasia (Cyanoramphus, Eunymphicus & the island species of Aprosmictus and Alisterus) and not forgetting Psittacula krameri krameri from Africa. In addition, the SIG also takes both the Wild Type Bush Budgerigar and the Normal Grey Cockatiel under its umbrella.

As the name infers, the SIG is particularly concerned with the rarer species and sub-species of Parakeet, such as the Horned, Malabar, Amboina King, Brown’s Rosella & Golden-Shouldered, but equally looks to represent those specialising in conserving those once common species of Parakeet which are now rare in their Normal or Wild Colour form such as the various Grass Parakeets, Red-rumped Parakeet, Kakariki,  & Rosellas. Furthermore, the SIG aims to identify and conserve species which are fast being replaced in aviaries by their colour mutation forms, such as the Plum-headed, Alexandrine, Barnard’s & Twenty-Eight Parakeet.

Although in its formative phase, the SIG aims to deliver the following:

• A focus for queries and information sharing via the co-ordinator.

• A mechanism to ‘sign post’ those with queries to those best places to answer them.

• The provision of potential breeders’ details for those requiring fresh stock via the co-ordinator.

• An up to date species & sub species status report (numbers of breeders, breeding pairs and youngsters bred) on an annual basis.

• A potential start point for future Stud Book Registers should the need be identified.

• A central point of contact for Zoological collections interested in these birds.

• Contact with clubs, societies & individuals looking at these birds across Europe and indeed worldwide.

• An update in each PSUK magazine.

• Two SIG meetings per year, during September & February, each consisting of a social event, lectures and sales & exchanges of breeders’ surplus birds.


Any PSUK member wishing to register with the Rare & Normal Parakeet SIG should contact the co-ordinator via e-mail at adam.mogg@btinternet.com