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Journalist and PSUK member Lillian Bird has written a highly imaginative and inventive story about a super-intelligent African grey parrot called Marty, who becomes known as Mighty when he gets involved in an effort to rescue hundreds of his relatives from poachers and illegal smugglers in their diminishing native habitat of Africa. The author has kindly donated a number of copies to the Parrot Society for sale via our Shop, with all profits going to our Conservation Fund.

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In the author's own words, whilst highlighting the plight of African grey parrots in wild Africa, 'this is a whimsical and uplifting tale of a rather special parrot, set against a backdrop of real life and current events, for the delight of anyone looking for a "flight of fancy", for bird lovers and for those who revel in anthropomorphism.'
Part one was published in our March 2022 magazine, and part two is included in the April edition. Meanwhile, similar tasters are posted here, in the form of the introductory notes and Chapter one, in the hope that the story will 'tickle your fancy', and encourage you to buy the full book via our Shop.
Chapters two and three are now added, and if you wish to follow through the rest of this story, then you may purchase it from our shop.

Mighty - Introduction

Mighty - Chapter One

Mighty - Chapter Two

Mighty - Chapter Three