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General Information on Keeping & Breeding Parrots

> Egg To Parrot
Illustrations from the egg to the chick soon after birth.

> Parrot Care Sheets
The Parrot Society UK recommends that you obtain captive-bred birds wherever possible. You must, however, remember that the larger parrots live a long time and keeping them is therefore a long-term commitment.

> Legal Identification Of Stolen Parrots
Parrot thefts have been on the increase over the past couple of years, with little or nothing being done by their owners to identify them if they are stolen, these parrots whether one or quite a number are all considered the owners property.


> Captive Breeding of the Cape Parrot
 Amazona Parrot Breeding Facility, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

> How and in what should we keep our birds
Like a lot of bird breeders we hope to breed our birds but where do we keep our youngsters once they are taken from their parents.

> How to Sex Captive Birds
Extracts from 1907 publication, How to Sex Cage Birds.

> Providing For Your Parrot
For many people, particularly the elderly, a parrot or a collection of parrots is an important and comforting part of life, and the care and well being of the parrot or collection is a primary concern.

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