Pet Parrots

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Advice for Your Pet Parrot

> Bird Care
General advice, with your legal requirements, on keeping birds in captivity

Parrot Nutrition
The importance of diet in keeping parrots. The essential nutrients that parrots need, and how to provide them, and the multitude of disease problems that can follow a nutritionally deficient diet

> Housing Your Pet Parrot
The environment your pet parrot lives in could quite literally mean the difference between a healthy bird with normal behavior and a sick bird with behavioral problems, and even in some instances life and death!

> Rehoming A Pet Parrot
With more and more parrots being kept as pets in the UK there is becoming a demand to rehome some birds

Forever Homes
A useful article by Emma Freeman describing the problems of keeping these long-lived birds in the right environment for so many years, when our own lifestyles may change