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The Parrot Society UK Approach

With more and more parrots being kept as pets in the UK there is becoming a demand to rehome some birds, A Parrot Society UK booklet has been printed to assist non members who wish to advertise a bird for rehoming and the text within the booklet is as follows:

The Parrot Society UK is aware that it can be a difficult task for the pet owner to re-home an unwanted bird if that situation occurs. Often details of organisations that carry out this work are not easily available or the organisation is located too far away from the pet owner. The Council of the Society has studied this problem in great detail and believe that they have arrived at a novel way of addressing this issue.

As the Society has been established since 1966 and has several thousand members distributed throughout the UK and Ireland and has a number of local Area Organisers it has built up an extensive network of contacts. It keeps in close contact with these members through its monthly magazine, which has articles on parrot breeding, welfare and conservation together with advertisements of parrots both for sale, and wanted. Three members of staff are located at its Berkhamsted Office, who are dedicated to ensuring that the aims of the Society are achieved. Previously the use of the Society's advertisement section has been limited to members, however, it is now becoming evident that there is considerable demand from owners of birds that require re-homing that this facility should be opened up to everyone.

The Council of the Society feel that by opening up their advertising facility to non members who wish to dispose of a bird to a Parrot Society UK member, the problem of birds being moved initially to a re-homing facility and then on to a new owner would be greatly reduced. It would mean that the bird has one less move, and as every move for a bird is stressful, this is a great advantage. Besides being beneficial for the bird it would allow the owner the opportunity to visit the home of the new owner and decide for themselves if they are happy with the facilities and experience of the potential new owner.

If you live in the UK and would like to take advantage of this scheme then please send a letter requesting the rehoming booklet or advertising form and enclose a S.A.E. minimum size 21cm x 15cm and post to:
The Parrot Society UK
Audley House
Northbridge Road
Berkhamsted Herts
Tel/Fax: 01442 872245

Alternatively, a PDF of the booklet may be downloaded here: Re-homing Booklet

If you require advice on the amount to ask for your bird or have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our staff on the above telephone number.

If you would prefer not to receive telephone calls about your advertisement a box number can be issued and all written enquiries will be forwarded to you.

If you as a member know of anyone that might find this approach of assistance to them please pass on this information, which we believe, will be of great help to some people.