Parrot Husbandry

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Ultraviolet Light & Skin Cancer
The importance of UV light to avian vision, and the negligible risk to humans

Winter precautions
Article  by Rosemary Low on measures that we need to take during the cold and wet winter months to protect our birds

> Husbandry & Management
An excellent article written some years ago by past Council member Ray McMillan, giving an overview of the care, housing, diet and management of captive parrots

No smoking around birds!
The dangers of tobacco smoke in birds, with their ultra-sensitive respiratory system

Re-thinking food presentation for Macaws
An interesting piece of early research into the relative merits of feeding whole fruit rather than preparing it chopped

Parrot Nutrition
A comprehensive article in two parts regarding balanced feeding for a variety of parrots, by an avian veterinarian

Parrot Diets - Wild & Captive
A historical article from the USA comparing what wild parrots eat and what we feed them in caprivity.

Diet for Lories & Lorikeets
An article submitted by Australian veterinary nurse with 30 years of experience with these unique species of parrot

Autumn's Harvest
Natural - and free! - food for your birds from garden and hedgerows