Parrot Husbandry

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Ultraviolet Light & Skin Cancer
The importance of UV light to avian vision, and the negligible risk to humans

Winter precautions

> Husbandry & Management

No smoking around birds!
The dangers of tobacco smoke in birds, with their ultra-sensitive respiratory system

Parrot Nutrition
A comprehensive article in two parts regarding balanced feeding for a variety of parrots, by an avian veterinarian

Parrot Diets - Wild & Captive
A historical article from the USA comparing what wild parrots eat and what we feed them in caprivity.

Diet for Lories & Lorikeets
An article submitted by Australian veterinary nurse with 30 years of experience with these unique species of parrot

Autumn's Harvest
Natural - and free! - food for your birds from garden and hedgerows

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