Veterinary Advice

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> Wing Clipping
Controversial topic, with discussion about rights and wrongs

The unique character of birds, with associated articles

Avian Vets
Veterinary practices available with avian expertise, listed by county

When should I take my bird to the vet?
Advice on what and when you need to seek veterinary assistance

First Aid & Emergency Care for Birds
What you can do at home in the first instance in emergency, before going to the vet

> Deaths in Parakeets and Cockatoos Caused by Adult Ticks

> Hypocalcaemia
Lack of calcium - a common and potentially serious problem in parrots

> Poisons & Parrots

> Poisons and Toxins

> Zinc and its Danger to Parrots

> Toxic Fumes

> Psittacosis
'Parrot Fever' - a disease that can affect both birds and humans