UK Parrot Society sponsored artificial nest boxes for parrots in Australia

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Following the success of the 'tree tinning' project, we announced in September 2018 that ongoing financial support from the Parrot Society's Conservation fund has allowed Ray Ackroyd to produce a batch of artificial nest boxes to increase potential cockatoo nesting sites. Following disastrous fires and prolonged drought in 2017 and 2018, many existing trees have disappeared.

Dead tree

A dead tree, which could provide one or at most two nest sites for cockatoos

Ray has constructed nest boxes from dead trees, thereby creating dozens of potential sites from one tree, that left standing would house no more than two pairs of birds -

Natural nest boxes

- as well as making 'conventional' artificial boxes from sawn timber -

Nest boxes

Ray tells us that the unusual (to British eyes) A-frame shape of the boxes is to reduce the amount of roof that exposed to the sun. An important consideration when temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees C or more! With these birds' breeding season fast approaching, Ray is working hard to get these boxes distributed and mounted.

November 2018 Update: Ray reports that more than 50% of the nest boxes that have been sited and mounted are already occupied by Cockatoos and other parrot species, an excellent result!  He says in a message to the Parrot Society that "No doubt with all the land clearing they were fairly desperate to get a nesting site. Thanks again to PSUK for allowing that to happen".

May 2019 Update: Ray reports that "There can be no dispute that the funding by the Parrot Society UK to construct nesting boxes for the above species, considering that their original old growth nesting trees have been destroyed, is money well spent and is working very well as the pictures clearly indicate. A lot of the local old growth trees have been bulldozed down to make way for housing development in South West Sydney."

SwainsonsChicks 1

Rainbow (Swainson's) Lorikeets checking outnest box; Chicks in a box

"The PS nestbox project is isolated away from any other so called nest box programmes here that other organisations are trying. Quite frankly ours work - theirs don't and the reason is that their field knowledge doesn't guide them to erect them in the correct places. Our boxes are busy at all times and the pairs continually come back to check out their nest sites. I continually have problems with Indian Mynahs and starlings and unfortunately for them I have to net and destroy them. That is legal here for those pest birds".

Galah's 1Galahs 2

Galah's (Roseate Cockatoos) checking out nest boxes

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