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Tropical Birdland

Every year, Tropical Birdland hosts the Parrot Society for one of its away days.  Members are granted reduced price entry to this amazing bird park. With a variety of aviaries set in Leicestershire woodland, its main attraction is an open area where a large number of a wide variety of parrot species will allow up close and personal contact with members of the visiting public, and some remarkable photo opportunities. This year's visit on 22nd September was disappointingly poorly attended, probably because of the forecast of heavy rain. However, the morning was pleasant enough, and those that did turn up could see how much new building and expansion had gone on since last year, with many new aviaries and exhibits. The colony of African and Timneh grey parrots had an excellent new home -

Grey parrot aviary

However, the promised heavy showers did arrive after lunch, much to the delight of the many parrots that sit outside on trees and branches, allowing unrestricted approach by the public. They put on a tremendous display of bathing and clearly enjoying the water on their plumage -

Orangewinged AmazonBlue & Gold Macaw

Mealy Amazon & Blue & Gold Macaw enjoying the downpour

Moluccan Cockatoo

Moluccan cockatoo displaying in the rain

Keep an eye out for details of our visit next year, and for further details about the park itself go to their website - Tropical Birdland

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