Stafford Aviary Competition

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Our first new feature at our shows went very well -

The Stafford Aviary Competition with prizes for the best-dressed and stocked display aviary by a Bird Club

After a lot of hard work by the several people involved, notably PSUK Trustees Mike Roxx, Kevin Pickup and Hayley Baker, our first competition at our Help Bird Keepers Show on Sunday 1st December 2019 was a success. owing to the coronavirus restrictions and delays in planning for this event, there will be display aviaries in place this year, but there will not be a competition until 2022.

WinnersJohn Hawkins

The winners proudly display their certificates; John Hawkins with his aviary of Australian Finches

Open to one or two members of a Bird Club, Cage Bird Society group, Special Interest Group, Breeders Group, or Facebook Bird Group, we welcomed several imaginative displays. For our inaugural event we supplied 8' x 4' x 6' aviaries, with 1" x 1/2" wire mesh, and an access door at one end. These were built by Rosemead Aviaries and Avi Fabrications. The remit was to decorate their aviaries to best display the chosen birds. Vegetation may be used to reflect the wild environment from which these species originate, or perhaps a typical garden aviary in which such birds would be kept. Imaginative displays were seen here, featuring a home environment and a Christmas theme.  

The winner was John Hawkins, of Just for Parrots Birdcare & Advice Group, with his well-planted display of Australian Parrot Finches. Apart from his winner's certificate, supplied by Cage & Aviary Birds, he earned a cheque for £200 from the Parrot Society. Second place was taken by Rohan Pickup, with a cheque for £100 for his imaginative display of "Who let the Kaks out?", featuring Red-fronted Kakarikis with an open cage, wreaking havoc in a domestic environment! Third placed was Ron Jackson, winning £50 on behalf of the Stratford-upon-Avon CBS.

Rohan PickupRon Jackson

Rohan Pickup with his Kakarikis; Ron Jackson from Stratford CBS

This was an excellent start to an interesting added attraction to our shows. All visitors were given a voting token, which they could deposit in the collection boxes hanging on each display. Our next opportunity will be in our summer show in July 2020. We appreciate that the displays could vary considerably between or December, July and October events, as some birds may not suit the cold or the heat at different times of year, and available vegetation will obviously vary. So give it a try and you will be in with a chance of winning one of the three cash prizes from the PSUK next time.

To register your interest, please contact our primary organiser and PSUK trustee Mike Roxx at Good luck!


Kakarikis helping themselves; Christmas theme from Nuneaton CBS