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Madagascar Lovebirds
Article from August 2020 by the late Jerry Fisher on this charming small lovebird species

Breeding the Buru King Parakeet
Recent article by PSUK trustee Adam Mogg about this sub-species of this attractive large parakeet

Parrots of the Caribbean
Endangered species of Amazon parrots found on the Caribbean islands

Free-living Ring-necked Parakeets - A Success Story?
An introduced species living wild and breeding well all over Western Europe

Parakeet Fever in Homo Sapiens
A humorous article about the 'disease' that can afflict bird keepers

> The Red Vented Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia)
One of the most threatened cockatoo species (CITES Appendix One)

> The Petz's Conure
A Plea For The Petz's Conure (Aratinga canicularis)

> Black-Cheeked Lovebird
The Black-cheeked lovebird is one of the nine species from the Genus AGAPORNIS and was discovered by Dr.A.H.B.Kirkmaí in 1904

> The Cuban Amazon
The Cuban Amazon (Amazona leucocephala leucocephala) is generally considered by aviculturists to be one of the most beautiful of the Amazons.

> The Ultramarine Lory
The Ultramarine Lory, (Vini ultramarina) One of the most threatened lory species.

> Pionus Parrots
General Information on Pionus Parrots

> Pyrrhura Conures
Two of the More Unusual Subspecies

> The Dusky-headed or Weddell's Conure
The Dusky-headed or Weddell's Conure (Aratinga weddellii) is one of the less well-known members of the South American parakeet family.

> Duyvenbode's
A uniquely beautiful lory

> Mutation & Hybrids

Eclectus Parrot Identification Guide
A description and aid to identification of the various sub-species and variations of the Eclectus Parrot