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Chairman's Page December 2018

We know that winter is on the way as the weather is colder and wetter, the clocks have gone back, and ‘Celebrity’ TV shows are in full flow! We still have one more show of our own at Stafford County Showground before the year is out, however. The ‘Help the Bird Keepers’ event is on Sunday 2nd December. Come along to meet old friends, buy, sell or exchange your birds, or pick up that last minute present for Christmas. Please make sure you follow the details on our booking forms in the magazine, and present your birds in clean, un-crowded cages. We look forward to seeing you there. Fortunately the extra precautions put in place for the potential arrival of Newcastle Disease at the National Exhibition have been lifted and are no longer necessary.

This year our Trustees have carried out a comprehensive review of the current and future state of The Parrot Society UK, including a completely re-vamped website, and an excursion into Facebook. Shows are still successful but we have to maintain the numbers through the doors, as well as membership of the Society. Much of the lifestyle that we remember – High Street shops, policemen on the beat, family-run department stores, family meals around the table, and small niche societies – are disappearing with the advance of the Internet. To progress in the 21st Century, the Parrot Society also has to adapt and evolve. This includes reaching out to new members in as many ways as possible, embracing modern technology, and doing more for pet parrot owners and conservation projects worldwide. But we must never forget the roots of the Society: experienced enthusiasts in the keeping and breeding of parrots and parakeets, who have a wealth of knowledge about the housing, management and husbandry of these fascinating birds.

This magazine will go out just two working days after our Council meeting and AGM – so no time to include a report here – but we will have discussed plans for a new in-house register of lost and found parrots, as well as plans for cost-savings, increasing membership, and suitable investment of funds. All this will take us into the New Year (with whatever Brexit may or may not bring!) hopefully in a strong position to continue as the premier parrot group in the UK. 

A gentle reminder that last month’s magazine contained your renewal form for next year’s subscription. If you are coming along to the December show you can renew at our stand, otherwise please send payment to the office, or renew via the shop section on our website. If you are a UK taxpayer, don’t forget the Gift Aid section. This facility to claw back some money from HMRC is a useful bonus to the Society. The format of the Gift Aid section has changed, so even if you have completed this section before, please ensure that you bring it up to date this time around.

Finally may I wish all our members and readers very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Christmas, just in case your January issue of this magazine gets delayed in the postal rush! We thank you for support of and interest in the Parrot Society, and look forward to a good year of parrot keeping in 2019.

Alan Jones 13 November 2018


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