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Exhibition Cage Sizes for Parrots

It is with the interest of the Birds and The Parrot Society UK reputation that members adhere to specified cage sizes when ever exhibiting at shows birds of the Parrot species.

The Council of The Parrot Society UK, decided that a firm directive should be drawn up to guide members, which cage size should be used to exhibit only for a limited period at a show members of the parrot family. The following table indicates the MINIMUM show cage size suitable to accommodate a single bird or pair of birds of the same species. It must be noted that at all other times birds of this species should be kept in very large flight cages or a large aviary.

To select minimum show cage size, find out overall length of the birds including tail, published in "Parrots of the World" and most other publications, and compare with the overhaul bird length in the table below, these cage sizes allow for a MAXIMUM OF TWO BIRDS PER CAGE.

UK WILDLIFE & COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981 Extract of Section 8.

If any person keeps or confines any bird whatever in any cage or other receptacle which is not sufficient in height, length or breadth to permit the bird to stretch its wings freely, he shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to a special penalty.

It must be pointed out that section 8 of the Act refers to the confinement of "any bird whatever", and that will of course include the smallest finches to the largest Macaws.(R.S.P.C.A. 1996)

Bird Min Length Including Tail Bird Max Length Including Tail Minimum Cage Size Length Minimum Cage Size Height Minimum Cage Size Width P.S.UK Ref No:
10 cm 21 cm 36 cm 31 cm 17 cm PS 1
22 cm 29 cm 46 cm 38 cm 25 cm PS 2
30 cm 33 cm 46 cm 46 cm 31 cm PS 3
34 cm 45 cm 53 cm 53 cm 31 cm PS 4
46 cm 49 cm 69 cm 69 cm 51 cm PS 5
50 cm 59 cm 79 cm 79 cm 60 cm PS 6
60 cm 66 cm 82 cm 86 cm 66 cm PS 7
67 cm 80 cm 86 cm 90 cm 70 cm PS 8
81 cm 100 cm 118 cm 120 cm 80 cm PS 9
(2.5 cm = 1 inch, 10 cm = 4 inches, 30 cm = 1 ft, 60 cm = 2 ft)