Pet Parrot Passport

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The Parrot Society UK would like to offer all parrot owners the use of its tailored Parrot Passport, which can be used to hold and store all the vital identification information you may require should your cherished parrot ever become lost or stolen and you need to prove ownership.

John Hayward, past Security Advisor to the PSUK and National Theft Register Co-ordinator adds:

"Whenever a parrot is reported lost or stolen, the first questions the Police or other agencies ask are what does it look like and how can you identify it? This information is vital in proving lawful ownership especially if it falls into the wrong hands. The Passport when completed for each bird is the ideal means of identification especially via photographs, rings and microchip details. Always update the document especially in relation to any unique markings or details which would help in its future identification. It is also a great asset when passing the Parrot to a new owner and will be of essential help as to its welfare and husbandry. Retain the Passport in a safe and secure place and do not disclose to any other party of your pet's details for security reasons.

Please Click this link to down load your very own copy - PET PARROT PASSPORT