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This year's event will be combined with the revived Think Parrots event at Kempton Park Racecourse, on Sunday 9th JuneTickets are now available at



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This year's Pet Parrot Gathering on Saturday July 8th 2023 was bigger and better than our first attempt last year, and brought to a close the first Parrot Awareness Week (PAW), from 2nd - 8th July. The Parrot Society UK was proud to be associated with new, unique event - for more details see Parrot Awareness Week.
The Saturday gathering started as a hive of activity in the empty Prestwood Hall, with exhibitors and PS volunteers assembling stands and aviaries -

Setting up1Setting up2

Setting up the Parrot Society stand -

PS 1PS 2

The team of Blue Shirts involved in setting up -

Blue team

Last year's 'lecture theatre' constructed from aviary panels was replaced by using the tunnel linking Prestwood and Bingley Halls - acoustically better, and away from other activities, but next year we hope to go even better by having a dedicated room, if we can hold the event at a different weekend to the Young Farmers!

Lecture theatre1Lecture theatre2

Sophie & David

The lectures included popular YouTube stars David and  Sophie talking about handling, training and enrichment; PS trustee and avian veterinarian Tariq Abou-Zahr on top tips for excellent parrot care; and Ashley and Sarah talking about Pionus parrots, with comical assistance from their own birds. There was a practical demonstration from Garden Feathers on harness training your birds, and the afternoon ended with the inimitable Craig Young with several of his birds, free-flying initially in the adjacent Argyle Hall, and then even more spectacularly in one of the show rings outside.

Craig YoungAudience


Free flying

Another feature was the availability  of microchip identification by retired vet and past PSUK Chairman Alan Jones, ably assisted by parrot keeper Amanda Swift -


"Yay, I've just been microchipped!" Blue & Gold Macaw 'Blossom' with Alan Jones

There were several competitions, and the prize for Best Over-all Parrot was one by Ashley-Jade's White-capped Pionus Quaffle. The bird's cutest trick was a coolest little wave, and its plumage was is immaculate.

Quaffle 1Quaffle 2

Ashley and Quaffle were presented with our 1st prize of a rose bowl and goodies donated by Garden Feathers, Psittacus, Rosemead Aviaries and Hari, with special thanks to them all. Pictured here is the presentation by Maddie Johnston of Johnston and Jeff (main show sponsor) and Dave Dickason, chairman of The Parrot Society.


We are, of course, indebted to all our sponsors, shown below, for their support and encouragement, without which such events would be impossible. Then there was the enthusiasm and drive of all those who worked hard in advance to set up the day, then put in so much effort from Friday to Sunday, making it all work. Visitors were all highly appreciative. We look forward to being even better next year, with lessons learned, and comments and ideas taken on board.


 Rosemead aviaries

A great selection of parrot toys on Rosemead Aviaries stand


Meanwhile, a report on our first such event last year follows: The Parrot Society UK's  new venture at Stafford County Showground for 2022 - The Pet Parrot Gathering! was a very successful day, with a reasonable number of visitors, some great talks, and a couple of flying displays, with skilfully trained macaws. It was aimed at keepers of pet parrots, and was held at SCSG on Saturday 9th July 2022, from 10 am until 3pm. It was followed on Sunday by our regular The Summer Show, for  our regular hobbyist breeders.

We are indebted to our sponsors and supporters, who generously helped to make this event a success.

The improvised lecture theatre was erected like an aviary, to contain the audience for the interesting variety of speakers. A somewhat Heath Robinson construction, but in the end very successful!

Lecture theatre

A very entertaining session was provided by Craig Young and his free-flying macaws, which flew through hoops of various sizes held by visitors of equally varying heights. One young attendee bravely held her ring aloft, with eyes tightly shut against the draught from the beating wings!


All-in-all a successful and enjoyable day.